Marketing to Chinese audiences

Cut through the confusion and speak directly to your target Chinese audience.

Early Stage Marketing

China-ready websites

We Design and Create Stunning China-ready Websites.

Whether you’ve already got a website that you’re looking to enhance for the Chinese market or if you want to start from scratch we’ve got a solution for you. We’ve partnered with a Digital Agency which means our team has the technical expertise to manage the entire project no matter whether it’s a simple landing page or a fully integrated e-Commerce sales platform. Our team will work with you to develop your brand strategy, imagery and graphic design, as well as model out the online customer experience journey. From there we will craft messages in Chinese which will form the basis of the emotional connection that you are looking to create with your Chinese audience.

Google Translate Simply Doesn’t Make Any Sense

You can’t expect that if you turn on the Google Translate function on your website that you will instantly start to attract Chinese customers. And what’s more the words won’t make much sense so you’re very unlikely to make a sale.

Checklist – is your website China-ready?

  • Does your website get pasts China’s firewall? (Google sites won’t load in China)
  • If it does load, is the loading speed okay? If your site is hosted in Australia it may load extremely slow because China is very far away. Consider hosting in Hong Kong.
  • Do you have a payment facility that allows you to accept payments from China?
  • Is the Chinese messages tailored to your target audience.
  • Do you have SEO suitable for Chinese search engines? Keep in mind most Chinese people don’t have access to Google – most use Baidu.

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Advanced Marketing

Chinese social media strategy

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing platforms for communicating with Chinese audiences.

We develop social media strategies for Australian companies to engage with their Chinese customers. More than 80% of internet users in China access the internet from a mobile device and many are very active on social media. The potential reach that your brand can achieve through social media is unrivalled by any other marketing channel. The catch is it can be quite difficult for western brands to establish a strong online presence on Chinese social media.

There’s NO Facebook, Twitter or YouTube in China.

Due to the censorship restrictions in China, many western social media platforms are not used by Chinese people because they cannot be accessed in Mainland China. However social media is certainly alive and well in China with WeChat, Weibo and Youku being some of the most popular platforms.
What businesses should go social?

Australian businesses in the Tourism, hospitality, e-commerce and property industries can all realise a huge growth in sales to Chinese customers by adopting a social media strategy. Chinese consumers will often turn to social media when planning a holiday, looking to buy overseas premium products or researching buying property in Australia. So it makes sense to position yourself where your customers are looking. Keep in mind, we’d usually suggest that business get a Chinese website or landing page before adopting a social media strategy.

We make it easy to go social

1. Our team will develop a social media strategy which works with your brand identity.
2. We will set up your accounts and help you plan a 3 month content calendar, for example informative articles, competitions, videos or pictures.
3. We work with your Chinese content writers to produce engaging content that will attract more and more followers.
4. We conduct regular reviews of

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