Branding for Chinese audiences

Connect your brand with your Chinese audiences.

Early Stage Branding

Chinese Brand Name

We create clever and meaningful Chinese Brand Names for Australian businesses dealing with Chinese audiences.
For Chinese people, names have very significant meaning and a bad name choice sends a negative message to consumers. Using a direct Chinese translation of your English brand name will probably result in the meaning getting lost and your brand image will be damaged because the name will sound odd to Chinese speakers. Similarly just using your English brand name may be difficult for Chinese people to pronounce or recognise.

When should I get a Chinese brand name?

Any business looking to start dealing with Chinese people should seriously consider adopting an official Chinese brand name for their brand. It is not advisable to wait until your brand is more mature before adopting a Chinese brand name – business can do this in the early stages so long as they know what their brand stands for and what value they want to provide to their customers’ lives.

Magic Ingredients of Chinese Brand Names

  • Choose Chinese words which have strong meaning and representthe unique identity and qualities of your brand.
  • Aim to achieve phonetic similarity between the English and Chinese brand names – this is important for brand recognition across different languages and markets.
  • Make sure that the Chinese name doesn’t sound like something unlucky according to Chinese superstition – this is a real concern when choose Chinese brand names
  • Check the trade mark registry to make sure there are no potential infringements.
  • The art is in being able to achieve all of these outcomes in the one name.

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Advanced Branding

Brand Development Strategy

We build exceptionally powerful brands for Australian businesses in the Chinese market.

Whether you’re selling to inbound Chinese customers in Australia or if you’re exporting a product to China, we can help you develop an identity for your brand. We focus on creating brands that have long-term influence on Chinese consumers and we do this by strategically crafting branding messages that resonate with your specific target market.

The Power of Branding

No matter whether you are a professional services-based business here in Australia or an exporter of quality Australian products, we can help you create real brand value. It’s well known that without a brand you’ve simply selling a commodity or acting as a service provider. At the core of branding is intimately understanding your target customer and tailoring messages to develop an emotional connection. This is not easy to do in English let alone Chinese. Let us help you create that brand that will transform the way you engage with the Chinese market.

Steps to building a great brand

  • We get to know your business intimately, what drives you and your team to do what you do, what is your story and how do you change people lives for the better.
  • We create a story board which embodies your story and brand values
  • We develop a distinctive voice and personality for your brand which shines out through all your Chinese language communications
  • Plan and develop creative campaigns to connect your brand to your Chinese audiences.

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